An important Welsh sighting reveals advanced science behind most Megalith shapes

Close to the lair of the blue stones, a very important Welsh observation was made about 20 years ago, one evening at summer solstice. Book writer Karen Martel, just reported sighting an elongated rectangular sun on top of a megalith capstone at a place called Ffarmers in Wales, it was hot day, and the days following were hot as well. While she always felt that it was a great experience, this sighting was above all a latent breakthrough. At the very least it explains the science behind megalithic constructions, such as seen at megalithic portal, and also shows for certain the reason of the capstones, they were illusion machines, illusions to be observed, studied and explained. Magical information, not only about the dead in the near by grave, but for climatic implications, some megaliths were like teaching tombstones, permanent tutors for generations to come .

Here is Karen’s account:

I am originally from a place called Ffarmers, not too far from where the blue stone was quarried for Stonehenge. I now live in Saskatchewan. I have been corresponding with John at the Morien institute and have written a fictional paranormal book about a young woman who finds out about her ancestry when she goes back to Wales. Writing the book has been interesting in that I have been fortunate enough to have lived in Ffarmers and that part of Wales. There are many local legends and folk tales about a lot of what happened many thousands of years ago. Some were sacrifices which is what I wrote my book around.

I read your website with interest. I do know from where my parents old farm house used to be, Felin Rhos, from the kitchen which faced true North, I observed some interesting sunsets. One on the day of June 21st , and I would sit and watch. The sun would set between two hills become not rectangluar, which I believe is the distortion in the atmosphere due to either really cold air or a very clear atmosphere. The stone cirlce I frequented when I was younger also had a megalith, one on either side. The one megalith which was lying on its side probably was supposed to either be upright or lie on its side, would flatten the sun in some interetsting way. Although when looking at the sunset, I never stayed up at the Careg y Bwcci, it is believed to be haunted at night, the upright megalith and the lying down megalith were lined up with an observatory stone with a Cairn. The sunset, (I only saw this once from the car when I was a teenager) somehow became elongated or regtangular. I'm not sure if this was because of the heat from the stones from during the day and the heat somehow distorted the view or what. It was interesting.

The stones were made of local granite and fairly dark and I'm not sure if there was any blue stone amongst them. But I do know that it holds heat very well. (We used stones from the farm when we first moved to our farm house and used the stones to warm our beds at night. They held the heat all night) But I could be wrong.

I find it very interesting that it is something I have re-discovered. I don't know if I have or not, perhaps the knowledge was there all along. I've known about the megaliths my whole life and have had experiences where I've dreamt of such but not in a good way. I've incorporated alot of what I learned into my book, and had one of the main characters have a regression done so she can see where she is from and what her ancestry is about. The stones just happen to be part of the story, and what they were not supposed to be used for which is what the basis for the book is about. Essentially the stones are an observatory. But what I wanted to do, was write an adendum book on what the narrator one of the main characters finds out about her history and what is means to her while she lives in a land so far away from her ancestral homeland of Wales. You have to remember my book is about paranormal and psychic events that happened before the bronze age during and after the bronze age, the pull of the stones is powerful and unforgiving in my story, and I suppose in ancient times they were the same to some extent if they were used for another purpose other than that of an observatory. But that comes within myth and legend.

I had pictures of the stone circle and the cairn, but got rid of them. I also had pictures of the sunsets between the mountains that separate the Ffarmers Valley and that of the next. I also got rid of those. I never discovered the name of the actual circle but I used to call it Rhiannon's navel, because when coming down into the valley, the mountains with the stone circle and the cairn atop the escarpment would look like a woman reclining. I think this was deliberate, as the natural spring that flows out of the mountains as a water fall is the birth of the river Twch so the birth of life from the mountain. The cairn atop the escarpment was well maintained until a few years ago, when the walls fell in on themselves. The smaller cairn behind that was an observatory stone had markings on it to indicate the rise and the fall of the sun for the whole year. It also had the position of certain stars, and standing atop the escarpment you can see directly down into the stone circle. Going down into the circle there is a double ring with a ditch in between. The one megalith is on its side while the other is at the opposite end stands upright. On the Solstice the sun will set directly above the stone and distort it, although I only saw this once when I was a teenager, the same could be seen from where I used to live in Ffarmers at the old farmhouse. Felin Rhos. The window pointing true North, would have a view of the two mountains, with the sun going directly between the two mountains. The other megalith the upright one, I presume would have been for the Solstice morning. There were no stones to indicate the winter solstice at the stone circle,but from what I remember of it, there are groups who do celebrate the solstice at the stone circle.

There were also ley lines that went direct from the cairn and stone circle that went directly through the garden of my parents new place. There are many interesting theories connected with this least of all the lines being used by spirits to go from one world to the next?! Some people and I've heard the locals call the Ffarmers valley the pisspot of Wales because it rains there so much, Rhiannon was considered the water Goddess of Wales.

Karen’s discovery means the following:

1- Megalith stone types were chosen for heat retention properties. A hot stone in cold air would cause thermal air layers to trap sunlight immediately above the capstone, similar to mirages over your local highway during a hot summer day. These mirages are always found when the road is not quite straight, where trapped air layers capture complete images of the sky.

2- Depending on weather and astronomical conditions, those stones will shine almost as bright as the sun., moon or planets.

3- Our ancestors were familiar with refraction properties similar to light travelling through fiber optics.

4- The stones at Stonehenge were chosen for generating a vast array of light shows, either because of reflection, diffraction and especially from air refraction immediately above and sometimes below the lintels.

Accordingly, it is possible to re-construct a vision from Stonehenge previously popular for several thousand years:

The above sunrise is merely a reconstruction based on scant information and pictures taken at the wrong Stonehenge location. The line sun is seen on top of lintels, it mimics the shape of the stone. In reality, it is surely different, but somewhat similar when the lintels are significantly colder or warmer than the air over the henge. This effect can be captured during summer in the evening or next morning after natural air cooling. Otherwise at end of a cold clear day, with sun light absorbed by lintels, the heat captured will cause a thermal layer of air capable of trapping light and giving a new sun image immediately above the lintels before sunset, achieving a projection of a second sun to the amazement of onlookers not initiated to the science at hand. I encourage any one to re-create a better animation than the one built here, especially with a computer model of Stonehenge fully rebuilt, or even better I encourage the keepers of Stonehenge to photograph this effect as soon as possible. Right conditions could cast the entire Sarsen circle alight just before sunset, as if it had electric lights. The Trilithons would also have such light properties mostly on top of their lintels, likely dedicated to particular important astronomical days for the sun or moon, They would light up first. like a beacon, not from reflected but rather refracted light. The reason, then for adding the Sarsen circle was in part due to a discovery of great scientific merit, this understanding translated into the final version of Stonehenge. The significant effort in creating Stonehenge was an attempt to reveal the brightness from around magical stones. With time, these light effects of exceptional beauty, would help elucidate the coming days, with invaluable information about weather and astronomy for the entire country, Stonehenge was at the heart of several generations lives, because it created magic, not unlike the now known transformations of the sun at the horizon, a 20th century science practiced before the Bronze age. The Lintels were also a second horizon, made to bring the edge of the world closer.

So far, only one witness has seen a megalith light up by refraction, it is another indication that climate during peak megalith production days was different. Ultimately, proof about this can only be achieved by observing daily interactions between the moon or sun with ancient stone constructions. The Megalith by the home of the blue stones showed Karen so.

The placement of the lintels restricts the vision of a flat bright line with sun in the middle. In this case, an isothermal mirage would project itself with a near straight line unto the trilithons. This effect can be seen day or night as long as there is a very important temperature difference between the stones and the air at Stonehenge. The lintels, as a circle, then became a light skimming projection unit, projecting a setting or rising quite flat sun or moon unto the trilithons, or onto observers beyond the main henge ditch delimited by the Aubrey circles, or both. The projection would last quite a while, as long as the incident angle of light is captured, the refracted light would have the unique property of always maintaining a same level with the top of the sarsen lintels . This skimming of the sun image projected along the lintel line was done for yet to be determined reason, it was surely a precise moment delimitor. If this theory is correct, it was a creation of a fantastic light show worthy of the greatest magicians (scientists) of those days. Again a better computer image model would help show a truer projection.

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