Moving heavy stones during winter

     Countless Stonehenge studies spawned theories which must be tested in a practical way. Of great interest, are the latest attempts to imitate ancient stone movers while replicating probable techniques having similar tools. This is very much needed to understand Stonehenge. However, it was slightly disappointing since recent tests in the UK were not done during winter, on hardened frozen soil. Stonehenge builders where not unlike those great Egyptian planners and workers who built the Great Pyramids. They were ancient laborers who volunteered working during the off farming season . Lacking lifting power didn’t mean they were bereft of great ideas, like using powerful, yet natural elements found in nature (like usage of the Nile for moving countless one or two ton blocks cut out 300 miles away further South). Neolithic winters surely offered a vast pool of laborers consisting of very healthy workers, especially made muscular by their daily shores. Many today have forgotten, our ancestors were in great physical condition, most had no sedentary life, to survive their work required daily physical exercises, which few people in the modern world do. But Stonehenge area didn’t have a Nile readily available for the heaviest loads, rather displacing heavy stones can be worked out far more easily with ice and or snow, as a method to reduce friction. But this idea has to be tried out, it is a challenge to the future to repeat an achievement from our distant past.

Altar stone

      Not really known, green is a common colour appearing on top of the sun when it is mainly just above the horizon. It is always a Green flash, usually appearing in different forms but sometimes seen as a brief brilliant flash of green light . It is visible with the naked eye at sunrises or sunsets, it also can manifest itself well above the horizon. Until very recently, as late as the 1920’s, it was considered to be a mystical event, but other still not so well known horizon transformations would give the same impressions. Setting a goal for a better understanding of these transformations would be achieved with foresight and stability only possible while observing at a segmented fixed location. Stonehenge the observatory was a first step, organizing time by learning through the knowledge gained by multi generation observations, was the solution. Ensuring many generations of observers, stability of such a program is ensured by large stones, and passing observation knowledge from one generation to the next would eventually have connected the sky with the land, creating Stonehenge. A rigorous, religious, pious dedication to sun observations would eventually spawn a religious practice, which was useful from the point of view of seeing the world from the vantage point similar to methods practiced by modern scientists. While easily seeing the underworld as the engine, the source which all things spring from, one must grasps its meanings. One of the first in history science survey instrument was thus built. With the veneration of experience given from multiple generations, the shamans or wizards of Stonehenge possessed great powers, not least the power of foresight, for instance what is the weather going to be like? Lets take a semi evolved view from Stonehenge, a time when the keepers were beginning to understand underworld images, for this let’s call those Stonehenge students shamans.
      "The shaman just back from a long journey, through his travels he kept with knowledge of time, from stopovers he kept on with his practice by always sleeping by local stone circles. That evening the calling came, it is a clear yellow sky colour when the sun disk strikes the height of the lintels, this yellow colour is seen everywhere, the shaman knows what to do when he sees it. He walks from the area of his sod house, to Stonehenge. crossing through the henges he enters the raised underworld by penetrating the perimeter of the Sarsen circle. From the center of the henge and looking through the pillars, sunset begets, the fixation to observe is set. Once seen below a lintel the sun is bright but placed between the point where the Sarsen pillars diverge from each other. There will be a chance to see some skimming, sure enough the sun disk is eclipsed by the pillar to the northwards. There and then with great anticipation the sun will show its image. At first it appeared round, but as it skimmed further away from the Pillar, it appeared not so round, but yellow. This was not a sign of heat, and presage for a long summer seems fleeting, but as moments seem to indicate coldness, a green flash occurred, a vibrant flash coming from another smaller sun. This is not a good sign, still a mid summer green flash indicates cold air is about, this surely must be worry some, the flash was seen brief but when the sun disk almost touched the horizon. Experience dictates that a furtherance of many Green flashes on subsequent nights will be a sign for the onset of early winter, and the farmers must be told.”

     The green from the Altar stone meant as a reminder that green had significant portents, it was the colour of magic, it must be understood, in as much as one must understands the underworld. It is not surprising that green is life as well, but more significantly that the sea looks green if one puts his head in it, while looking eyes wide open.

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