mimicking wondrous hills

     Rectangular suns do not only appear horizontally. They can manifest themselves obliquely, as seen with the picture below. What is needed for this to happen are five basic ingredients, clear air, a hill or mountain, a low sun or moon nearly skimming the hill, some cold air and finally the right spot. This phenomenon can still happen in the UK, but mostly during winters. A well known sighting of the ‘double sunset’, most likely a sun disk with a projected rectangular sun, happened in Leekshire during the summer of 1690, this was a chance observation by Dr Plot. Megaliths dedicated to the sun or moon may place you to a better location. As with solstice or equinox, this effect regularly occurs at exactly the same time year after year, it was another but very local anniversary of a mystical event.
Rectangular sunset skimming the horizon. Likely the inspiration for Stonehenge’s Lintels.

Rectangular sunset appearing to go uphill.
Megaliths near hills may place you to see this.

     During the coldest day possible I suggest you go to the nearest probably slanted Megalith or stone circle with hills nearby (distant by about 1 mile or more). Observe the sunset or sunrise with great caution while having proper eye protection. Your local Megalith or circle may help you find the right location. With resolve and a bit of luck, you could see the wonders of the slanted rectangular sun. Harmless to eyesight, it is the stuff of magic, mostly unknown by even most present day physicists, it is sometimes red, green or orange. Featured more frequently during UK’s distant past, one sighting will bring kinship with your ancestors. Although the sun position has changed over thousands of years, there is a chance your local Megalith can still provide the real thing or help visualize this effect given a bit of imagination and a sun path not far away.

     Have a picture of an old slanted Megalith mimicking a local hill located where the sun rises or sets? Please post on your webpage, and send URL link or picture to Wayne PS. I have seen many possible locations on the vast collection found at Megalithic Portal but not having a sunset or sunrise filmed with the stones or circles makes it difficult to judge whether these locations were apt or meant for horizon effects.
     A Links series below is written to encourage UK or international observers to brave the elements and enjoy a distant past connection, today.



     Link #1: From the churchyard at Leek’s St-Edward the confessor, or better from Arbors Low stone circle, there were interesting Mid-summer double sunset sightings , quite possible, given cold air from the sea. The author of this excellent website deals with the Earths obliquity and Dr Plot's great observation. Given the ancient stone circle and large upright stones called Bridestones, this is the best place I kniow so far,aside from Stonehenge, confirming Megalithic creations dedicated for horizon effects. Small hills called the Cloud and Mow Cop are ideal for slanted rectangular suns. Suggest observing sunsets there during mid-winter.

review at: http://www.leekonline.co.uk/sunset/

A great Lintel connection: BULLSTONES.

     The greatest web link showing a religious pagan or shamanism link to Stonehenge to date is the Bullstones. As with recent pictures taken by Paul and Vicky Morgan:

     Striking similarities with Stonehenge lintels, except that this time a Lintel is on the ground. Imitating the rectangular sun which would have been seen on top of the hill of Bullstones circle. This a truer construction version of the rectangular sun vision captured long ago, whence the sphere became squarish, when it was visible to look at it without burning the eyes. Crude calculations make the main Bullstones rectangular a winter solstice stone , which was in place about 3800 BC (pending more precise data). Roughly coinciding with the Irish Elm decline cold air period. Confirming the continuance of an ancient Mesolithic religion which regained prominence during an important period of the Neolithic. Paul and Vicky’s also made an impressive web report, it also shows flint spear head and tools found there in the 19th Century, a flint head eerily looks like Arctic ancient artifacts as well, meaning again a similar environment of sorts as the common link. The rectangular stone on the ground is a simpler version of Stonehenge, being at the border between sky and underground, this stone is a marker for the winter solstice, also a reminder of horizon sun disk shapes to initiates. The ground at Bullstones had also one or two burials, which may post date its construction period but help explain the thoughts of the people who did the burials, the concept at one time seems to indicate that stone circles represent a sacred area where the underground meets the sky, a deceased soul ascending or descending to heaven may be facilitated there. Bullstones offers the explanation that Stonehenge lintels were raised to expose the underground Universe, making the entire Stonehenge inner circle a meeting place where anyone alive can communicate with the dead or spiritual deities, dawn or dusk, offered a better glimpse from both worlds. WPS Feb 2, 2003.

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